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We provide cost effective on-site & offshore solutions and services to our clients. With an access to global talent pool of qualified IT professionals and consultants, VMR TECH delivers a series of IT outsourcing and Infrastructure services to companies and organizations all around the world. VMR TECH has outstanding expertise in Infrastructure Services, Security Audits, Software Solution, Outsourcing Services, System Integration, Management and Augmentation Services just to name a few. VMR TECH remains informed and up to date on new ways of business that combines IT innovation and adoption, thereby confirming our commitment to help our clients achieve their IT goals.


VMR TECH is committed to providing high quality services to our clients by providing the right mix of on-site and remote methodologies, even under the most rigorous deadlines. With the world changing so fast, We are constantly monitoring any technology related developments so that it remains up to date on international standards. In order to be respected and trusted as a professional IT service provider, We are always aware of the news and trends affecting the solution and infrastructure outsourcing industry.


As a global offshore Software, Services and Information Technology outsourcing company, VMR TECH focuses on providing world-class IT management solutions for global companies and organizations. With our talented staff and immense amount of expertise in technology, VMR TECH continuously makes progress in the following areas:
• Deliver high quality software and Infrastructure Services.
• Offer low cost and error-free services.
• Always satisfy the criteria of the clients.
• Always beat the deadline.
In the future, VMR TECH will become one of the dominant IT service provider for IT Security, Payment Card Industry, Healthcare Solution, Web-based Welfare Solution, E-commerce Solution, OA System Development, ERP / MRP II Solutions etc. in US , Europe and Asian market


The values of VMR Tech can simply be summarized as the following three points:
• Early response
• Delivery before deadline
• Process centric
As a quality software company, VMR Tech is instilled with these values.