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Efficient VMR’s contracts structure the relationship between the client and service provider in ways that are beneficial to both. VMR TECH’s strategy of solution and negotiation of a comprehensive contract that includes an effective performance feedback mechanism is supplemented by performance monitoring and periodic contract and invoice audits as well as other measurements and controls. VMR’s key executives managing the problem escalation process with high effectiveness. To avoid frustration and failure, the associated relationship and performance risks are managed by VMR proactively and effectively. Before and during the actual outsourcing effort, VMR’s project management activities center on the outsourcing strategy, which is tied to the overall company strategy. The VMR’s team is cross-functional and composed of personnel with the technical Know-how and analytical skills. To minimize the risk of project failure, the VMR TECH’s team employs proven outsourcing and risk management methodology.

VMR Technologies is absolutely confident that risk assessment and risk management are important contributors to the success of an IT outsourcing venture. That’s why VMR TECH developed the outsource risk management framework that enables assessing and managing the risk associated to IT outsourcing project.VMR TECH uses project risk management model to develop strategies and tactics for assessing and managing project risks. This is a generic project risk management model, and VMR TECH applies it equally to outsourcing and to systems integration/systems project risk management.